Values in School

We actively promote both Christian and British values throughout the school and across all areas of the curriculum. It is our belief that both are intrinsically linked.

Christian Values

Last year we decided to concentrate particularly on four Christian values that are especially important to us. At an assembly we talked to the children about the four values that were most important to them and together we chose the following values to promote and celebrate: love, friendship, compassion and forgiveness.

We are starting this year with stories from other cultures and faith traditions, including Diwali and then will move on to exploring the Christian values of courage and resilience.

How We Promote British Values

At Boltons School we recognise and celebrate the diversity of the country we live in, but we also acknowledge tensions that arise from this. Although we only have a small multi-cultural school population we ensure that pupils are aware of the importance of other cultures on our daily lives and we actively promote acceptance of all others and their faiths and beliefs.

As a Church of England School acceptance and respect of others underpins all we do and in our school we will not accept any intolerance of people of other faiths or beliefs. We encourage all of our pupils to show respect to all others they encounter in daily life.

We have decided that we will promote the key British values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs through regular whole school assemblies and also through other curriculum areas such as RE, History and Geography, if appropriate and relevant to the topic at the time.

The assemblies are teacher led and, whenever possible, staff use current issues or news items to help explain and promote a specific British value; for example the children learnt about democracy during the general election campaign. The children are given opportunities to reflect on what they have learnt and may continue discussions in class with their class teachers.