Year 1 and 2 Gallery

October 2017

In Science, we have been learning about animals including humans.  In today’s lesson we learned about the different groups of animals (mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians) then we worked in groups to sort pictures of them.

September 2017

We went to Wigton Infants school for a sports festival and enjoyed doing lots of different activities.

We enjoyed the visit by Zoolab. We saw some hissing cockroaches, a frog, some snakes, a hedgehog and a tarantula. We talked about what types of animals they were and we described what they looked and felt like. Some of us were happy to hold them while others preferred to look!

Counting in ones, twos, fives and tens using a variety of resources.

June 2017

We all enjoyed a trip to Boltongate Church where Mr Streatfield performed a baptism.

We also took part in the Athletics festival at the Nelson Thomlinson school in Wigton.

December 2016

Mrs Pitcher and Mrs Gaddes took us on a Christmas journey at Bassenfell Manor.  We took part in drama activities with the staff and together we told the Christmas story.  We enjoyed dressing up as shepherds and wise men and we learnt a song.



16th November….                                                                               This morning we had a surprise in our class! We received a letter from Santa Claus along with Derek the elf!! Derek will be watching us at work, seeing what good girls and boys we are being in year 1 and 2!

23rd November…..                                                                                We found Derek, our elf this morning by the window. He had even left glittery footprints! He brought another letter from Santa 🙂

In English we read the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ then we got to act it out!

Later that week we made some vegetable soup! We got to eat too, it was delicious!!

At the start of the year we went on a school trip to Brockhole, we even got to go on a boat on the lake 🙂