School Dinners

The School Kitchen is now open……
Here are some photographs from over the last few weeks.

HW – YR6
I like the spaghetti bolognaise because the sauce and the meat are really tasty.

CM – YR4
I like all of the school meal. I tried broccoli and I liked it!

JN – YR6
My challenge is to eat everything through all of Year Six!

AC – YR6
I really liked my lunch because I’ve never tried ham before, but seeing as I tried it in the wrap I really love it.

BW – YR6
I am having a cooked dinner. I liked the pasta because it tastes nice. I like the sauce too.

RN – YR6
I liked the cheese, but not the ham in the wrap, so I chose a cheese wrap.

LH – YR3
I am eating pasta and garlic bread with a dessert of crispy cakes. Sometimes I have the spaghetti at home too – I really like it.

DP – YR2
I liked the pasta and the sauce. I like broccoli too.