Ofsted and Performance Data

In March 2011 Ofsted said:

This is a good school. It is a friendly and vibrant learning community, where pupils feel very safe and have total confidence in the adults who care for them. Parents, carers, staff and pupils are proud of the school.

In February 2020 HMI said:

Boltons CofE School is a very happy school. Pupils feel safe. Bullying is not tolerated by pupils or staff.

The experienced headteacher, together with the strong team of teachers, has continued to deliver a good standard of education to pupils in the school.

All teachers have high expectations of disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities. These pupils do well at school.

Pupils learn about different cultures and faiths. They are taught to treat everyone the same regardless of their background or beliefs.

For the full 2020 report see the attachment below.


If you would like to comment about our school-   https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/

To access data about school performance follow this link: http://dashboard.ofsted.gov.uk/

To access performance data for 2023 follow this link: 

Attendance at Boltons is generally good; in 2022-2023 overall attendance was 91.53 %.