Sport and PE

This year we achieved a Bronze award for PE and sport; our aim is to achieve silver next year and we are working hard on this already.

We are very lucky to have so many talented coaches working with our pupils and the children love working with all of them. This academic year, we have Carlisle United coaching staff  in again to work with pupils in Years Reception, 1 and 2 on their athletics, gymnastics and ball skills. Years R, 3 and 4 are due to receive tennis coaching sessions with Carl after February  half term. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 have completed their swimming lessons at Wigton Baths and Mr Gibson is running cricket sessions for Year 1 and 2. Mrs Foster is with us teaching gymnastcis to Years R, 3 and 4 until February half term.

100% of pupils in Year 6 in the academic year 2017-2018 achieved the national curriculum swimming requirements.

We are looking forward to another year of taking part in festivals and competitions and we have already done so well in the two events we have taken part in:

  • Year 5/6 football (4th place)
  • Year 1/2 multi-skills festival
  • Year 5/6 athletics (5th place)

To find out about the other festivals we have lined up for this year, please click on the link below.

We are always very proud of the way our pupils represent the school and the sportsman like behaviour that they display.