Involving Our Stakeholders

Here are some parents comments from recent parents’ questionnaires.

“The school is like a big family that I love my child being part of.  The new school dinners are great.  Keep up the good work!” (Karen Timmins)

“Nuturing atmosphere.  Encourage older children to look after younger or less able ones.  Promote confidence and recognise strengths.” (Michelle Stacey)

“It is a friendly school with children playing with students of all ages.  All members of staff are approachable.  My child is very happy socially, academically and is maturing into a happy, healthy, responsible young person.”  (Cat Crozier)

“Both my children have attended this school and are happy, confident and independent.  Boltons has provided the best start in a child’s school life that we could have wished for.  All the teachers and staff know each child and how they tick and are so happy in their work.  I think it makes a very good environment for children to be in, in our opinion it is an oustanding school.” (Julie & Craig Wilson)

“Fantastic school, well run, lovely teachers, my child is very happy which makes me very happy too.  Would like to say well done and thank you for all your hard work.” (Nicola Foster)

“Lovely outdoor spaces which the childrne have helped to make- they appracitae them.”

“Good family feel and parents made to feel wlecome and partners in learning.”