Funded Provision

The school works closely with colleagues from the health service and also the Local Authority Specialist Advisory Service.

The school has used pupil premium funding to provide some additional support in and out of classes, additional resources and also to provide enrichment activities that pupils may not usually access.

In 2022-2023 we received £4655 total Pupil Premium funding; the school used this to provide additional support, both in and out of class and made parents aware of how we do this; much of the additional support was delivered by teaching staff. We keep records of how we spend the money and we ensure that we use it to the best effect. Because the number of children in receipt of this funding is very small we also try to ensure that we do not identify individuals. In 2022-2023 the funding was used to enable pupils to attend clubs in football and ICT and to take part in a city residential visit to Edinburgh. The school also used the funding to fund participation in theatre visits and to fund off site visits as part of classroom topic work, including STEM workshops and museum visits. We have also provided in school performances for pupils. All pupils in receipt of this funding also received additional support for maths, spelling and reading and took part in interventions in reading and writing as necessary. These were provided by both teaching and non-teaching staff. Social and emotional inclusion activities both in class and on a one to one basis have also been provided.

The progress of pupils is tracked through data and regular pupil reviews; because of the small number of pupils there is no published comparative school data, but we do measure the impact of interventions through pupil reviews and by tracking individual pupil progress. Parents of pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding are involved fully. Outcomes for individual pupils are not published on the school website, but all staff are aware of outcomes and expectations for pupil premium pupils. In 2023 KS2 SATs 100% of disadvantaged pupils achieved the expected standard in maths and 67% achieved this in reading and writing.

One member of staff has received mental health first aid training and pupils in Year 5/6 have taken part in NHS run activities to explore issues surrounding well-being and good mental health.

Funding this year will be used to provide access to outdoor forest school and adventurous residential activities, additional out of hours activities will be offered and there will be opportunities to also take part in other off site visits and activities. Teacher led interventions for writing, maths, reading and spelling have been planned for identified pupils and a Reading Intervention programme will be run for identified pupils. The school plans to promote reading for pleasure again this year.

Staff will also continue to work with NHS professionals on pupil well-being and health.

Our pupil premium allocation for 2023-2024 is £4365.

In 2022-2023 we recieved £10,121 PE and sport funding. Some of this funding went towards purchasing new resources, but the majority of the funding was used to provide after school sports provision in football, cricket, fitness, tag-rugby and tennis as well as curriculum sessions in gymnastics, cricket, dance, multi-skills, athletics, tag-rugby, invasion games and tennis. Staff have also taken part in professional development activities.

Activity Amount Spent
Active Play Resources £373
Transport to festivals and sporting events £1700
Coaching and staff development £7351
Outdoor adventurous activities £167
Sports Partnership Coaching £675

We gained a Gold award for PE in 2023.

For the academic year 2023-2024, our PE allocation is £16,678.  This year we are planning to use PE funding to futher develop outdoor adventurous activities, by working with local Forest School staff at Watchtree. This year again we have already booked community coaching staff in school for the following activities: tag-rugby, football, tennis, multi-skills, athletics, cricket and gymnastics. A member of school staff always works alongside external coaches and in this way we are able to develop our own skills and strategies. We also plan to add to our outdoor playtime resources.

100% of pupils in Year 6 in the academic year 2022-2023 achieved the national curriculum swimming requirements.

Additional information about all sporting events can be found on our PE page.