The Ethos and Values of the School 

“Boltons Church of England School provides education in accordance with the principles and practices of the Church of England.  Worship, religious education and spiritual development are at the heart of the work of this school.”

The ethos of the school is to create a safe, friendly, caring, working atmosphere, which will help to produce content, confident children.  To develop to the full intellectual, social, physical and emotional aspects of the child whilst being aware of individual needs and differences.

To help every child towards personal development in its fullest sense, incorporating spiritual, moral, social and cultural elements, educating the “whole” child through personal relationships to develop an understanding of the values of the Christian faith as well as the school curriculum.

The school will endeavour to ensure the fair and equal treatment of all regardless of age, ability, race, culture, sexuality,  gender and mobility and will promote positive attitudes towards all of these.

The Wide School Discipline Plan

We believe it is important to treat all with respect and dignity.  We believe that appropriate behaviour can build self-esteem and foster pupil participation, achievement, learning and success.  The children are encouraged to forgive others and to see that this is an important area of personal development.  The adults in the school reinforce the necessity to forgive and praise this quality in children.  Self-discipline is the ability to assume responsibility for one’s learning, to make positive contributions to one’s school and community, and to help and respect others.  Teaching self-discipline is accomplished by a co-operative team effort consisting of the pupil, the parent/guardian, and school personnel.  The discipline policy, Christain Vision Statement and procedures have been developed to help the pupils at Boltons CE School  have a successful whole school experience in which teachers can teach and children can learn.