Welcome to Mrs Smith’s and Mrs Garner’s Reception Class Page.

In Reception we love to learn through play.

Mrs Smith teaches reception Monday to Thursday morning, whilst Mrs Garner will have them on a Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. We are looking forward to working together so that your child has an exciting year.

Starting Reception is a very important and exciting time for children and parents. Here in Reception we offer the children lots of opportunities to learn and explore through play within our continually changing provision areas (indoors and outdoors). The children will learn through a mixture of adult led and child initiated learning, both of which are as equally important in a child’s development.

Useful Information.

To find out more about the curriculum have a look at:

4Children Parents Guide

School Readiness Poster

To find our more about phonics and how you can help your child with reading, please have a look at the following:



tricky and decodable words

Please find below a Phonics presentation, including how to pronounce the letters.

Letters and Sounds Presentation for parents

Useful websites for Phonics: -lots of free phonics based games -more phonics games

Once the children are settled we will start our first topic which will start off as ‘Marvellous Me’. Please see below for a yearly and current topic overview. Please note these are liable to change as we follow the children’s own interests.


Autumn Term

 Marvellous Me

Things to do at home to help your child.

Reinforce sounds and key words covered during our phonics sessions by completing the sound book sent home.

Practice name writing. Please make sure your child uses lower case letters except for their initial letter.

Share reading books, discussing plots, characters and their feelings.

Draw their attention to numbers in their environment e.g telephones, door numbers, car number plates etc. Count things around the home e.g how many doors do we have?

Encourage your child to dress themselves for school and take their uniform off at the end of the day to promote independence.

Can you help?

If you have any materials spare at home such as buttons, fabric, pasta shapes, ribbons, milk bottle tops etc. you would like to donate we world appreciate them for use in our craft area.

Outdoor resources-crates, guttering, pipes, fabrics, all in good condition would be greatly appreciated to help further develop our outdoor area.